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Tailored-by is an independent organisation that is committed to create transparency in the clothing industry. We do not produce or sell clothes, we simply share trustworthy information. Tailored-by enables brands to offer credible transparency to their consumers. We believe that people will make a more responsible decision when all the necessary information is available. In order to achieve this, Tailored-by wants to provide a new experience to consumers that gives them the possibility to become aware of the origin of their clothes, and enable them to make a difference as an individual.

Curious how it works? Just look at the four simple steps below!

Choose product

When you have picked up some clothing items in the store that you would like to purchase you will notice that some brands have an additional label attached to their clothes. Those brands are cooperating with Tailored-by to provide you with a new experience. The Tailored-by labels provide you access to valuable information about the origin of the clothing items you like.

Curious how? See the next step!

Scan the label

You can get the information in two ways:

You can scan the QR code with your smartphone. This will link you directly to the tailor of the specific piece of clothing. Another method is to simply fill in the name (code), written on the label, on the search field of our Homepage. This will also link you directly to the tailor of the specific piece of clothing.

In the next step we will give you an impression of the information we will provide you.

See the story

You have now reached the personal page of your tailor. When shopping for clothes, it is easy to forget that there is a story behind every piece of clothing. There are people responsible for it who would like to introduce themselves to you. Finally you are able to meet the person who made it possible to walk around in that perfect outfit. You will see a picture, personal story and a couple of characteristics of the tailor.

In this way, you will become aware of the personal story behind your clothes, the personal story of the tailor.


Now you have seen the story behind your clothes. The realization that each product has its origin is very important. This realization is necessary to see the actual value of your clothes and let you appreciate them even more. Tailored-by provides you the possibility to share your appreciation with your tailors. You can simply ask the cashier to scan the Tailored-by barcode on the back of the Tailored-by label. This will add 1 euro to the prize of the article. This euro goes to the Tailored-by foundation.  The Tailored-by foundation will make sure that your tip goes entirely to the tailors responsible for your clothing. You won’t be asked by the cashier to pay extra, but you can now show your appreciation if you want to. Compare this with a tip in a restaurant. For good waiters or waitresses, most customers are willing to express their appreciation by giving something extra. This appreciation is voluntarily and is only ment for the waiter or waitress and not to the restaurant itself.

Get started, enter the code from the label

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