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Why we need you

We need you to make a difference

As an ambassador you can actively help us spread our vision. Because of your commitment and efforts we can create consciousness worldwide. After all, consciousness starts with you and your social environment. As an ambassador you will raise awareness for Tailored-by among the people in your (social) network. This can be done through the common social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but you are free to choose your own creative ways.

You can help us on your own without registration, but we would love to know who helps and support us. We would like you to register yourself as an ambassador so we can add you to our network and thank you in person. As an official ambassador we will keep you up to date about the latest developments and successes.

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When shopping for clothes, there are many decisions that can be made. We would like to encourage you to start with a simple one: Do I want to know the story behind my new clothes? If you do, look for the Tailored-by labels while shopping. Our labels will give you the information you where looking for. We hope that you will share this new experience with family and friends.

If your favorite brand does not have our label yet, you can always indicate this to the brand. Maybe they are not familiar with the opportunity yet, or simply do not know their customers have the need for transparency. Tailored-by will try to start a dialogue with the brand so that you can shop responsibly in the future

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Do you, or does your organization share the same interests? We are always looking for partners who want to share knowledge, networks and other resources. Let’s find out how we can help each other in order to achieve both our common and individual goals

We are actively looking for collaborations and we are also open to partner requests. You can get in contact with us by clicking on the button below.

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Our Ambassadors Say

“Tailored-by labels’ empower producers and consumers to contribute to a more transparent clothing industry. I support Tailored-by because I believe transparency in business should become the norm”

Juan Uytewaal • Rebottled

“By giving consumers the opportunity to directly contribute to the lives of people who made their clothes, Tailored-by increases the impact consumers can have on the clothing industry”

Noor Veenhoven, Project CeCe

Trusted Partners

Tailored-by has several partners. Those partners contribute on different levels and different areas. Each in their own way and with its own expertise. Together with our partners we will achieve our goals.

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