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Why brands work with us

Today’s consumers are not only interested in the product itself, but also in the way it is produced. However, brands are not able to provide trustworthy transparency. As an independent organisation, Tailored-by is able to collect trustworthy information for brands who care about transparency for their customers. By working together with Tailored-by, clothing brands can distinguish themselves and consumers will be able to make conscious decisions while shopping for clothes. This extra service makes it possible for consumers to see the story behind their clothes, which makes them appreciate it even more.

Furthermore, the Tailored-by foundation makes it possible for consumers to express their appreciation to the people they normally don’t see but that are an essential part of the chain. Compare this with a tip in a restaurant. For a good waiter or waitress, most customers are willing to express their appreciation by giving something extra. This appreciation is voluntary and is only ment for the waiter or waitress and not for the restaurant itself. By working together with Tailored-by, brands add a new dimension to their clothes, which enables them to build more customer trust.







In order to improve the clothing industry, Tailored-by provides the reliable transparency for different brands. Those brands have indicated that they find it important to be transparent to their customers and want to contribute to a transparent clothing industry.

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