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Who are we

Tailored-by is an independent organisation that is committed to create transparency in the clothing industry in a unique way. We are the missing link between the consumer, producer and various brands. The organisation is divided into two parts, the Tailored-by group and the Tailored-by foundation. The group is responsible for the labels and everything that comes with it. The foundation focuses entirely on transferring consumer appreciation to the producer


It’s important that consumers are aware of the origin of the clothing items they are purchasing. A product does not suddenly appear in the store, but is the result of the work and commitment of people. Our mission is to make people aware of the “actual” value of clothing. In order to achieve this, we have to bring more transparency into the clothing market. In the coming years, we want to cooperate with more and more clothing brands in order to achieve our goal.


Tailored-by believes that you can only make the right decision in life when all the necessary information is available. We see it as our responsibility to provide this information to consumers in a fun and unique way. Conscious consumers will see that there is a story behind their clothes and will appreciate them even more. Tailored-by provides the consumer the possibility to send their appreciation to whom it is intended.


As an independent party we enable brands to offer credible transparency to their consumers. We do this by providing self collected information and share this information through our label. The foundation has one purpose: transferring the consumers appreciation to the producer. In this way we have add value for everyone who is involved in the clothing industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have question about Tailored-by? We have selected the most common questions and provided the answers. If you have another question, please contact us through our contact form.

All the information provided by our label is collected by Tailored-By. This in order to make sure that the information is trustworthy. This way we offer brands more credibility. Brands who are willing to cooperate with us show that they are proud of the clothing they sell and have nothing to hide. Our number one priority is providing honest information and no compromises will be made in this matter.

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